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What We Do

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Skill Sharing

Share your favorite coding skills and tools with your friends and colleagues in friendly, no-pressure work-alongs.


Get together to work on your coding projects, help each other out and share your work.

Community Building

Meet new people in your field, organization or community - and find out what we can do when we work together.


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Come Say Hi

We use GitHub to get coding help, talk about events and share files. Join us there!

Who We Are

We are a diverse group hailing from multiple departments across the University and beyond.

Executive council

Julien Martin

  •  Evolutionary & Behavioural Ecology
  •  Statistics
  •  Open Science

Cristian Navarro

  •  Community and trophic Ecology
  •  Coding

Ana Couto

  •  Community and trophic Ecology
  •  Coding

Maria Kamouyiaros

  •  Molecular Ecology and Applied Evolution
  •  Coding


Francesca Mancini

  •  Interdisciplinary Conservation Science
  •  Open Science
  •  For ever The general

Matthew Wolak

  •  Evolutionary Ecology & Genetics
  •  Statistics

Richard Hassall

  •  Molecular Ecology & Evolution
  •  Disease Ecology

Deon Roos

  •  Population Ecology
  •  Applied Ecology

Sophie Shaw

  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Next Generation Sequencing